Papers of The 4th Japan Scar Workshop

16. Piercing-induced auricular keloids not including earlobes

Mitsuhiro Yamamoto
Yamamoto Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Niigata, Japan

Excluding earlobe keloids, auricular keloids induced by piercing are not common. However, due to the popularity of body piercing, the rate is increasing. Twenty-four cases, which were followed for over eight months and received postoperative treatments of steroid injections and a continuous pressure earring, were selected for this study.
Subjects ranged in age from 17 to 26 years old with a mean age of 20.2 years and included 4 males and 20 females. The period from the time of auricle piercing to the onset of keloid scars ranged from 6 to 24 months with an average of 11.5 months. The observation periods ranged from 8 to 33 months with an average period of 14.5 months, and five cases were recurrent.
According to my data, the recurrence rate of auricular keloids (17%) was higher than that of earlobe keloids (6%). This result suggests that auricular keloids are more likely to recur than earlobe keloids, and therefore further follow up is needed.
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