Papers of The 4th Japan Scar Workshop

4. Combined laser treatment of hypertrophic scars and keloids

Takafumi Ohshiro, Toshio Ohshiro, Katsumi Sasaki, Yuki Taniguchi
Ohshiro Clinic, Tokyo, Japan

It is difficult to treat scars and keloids with a single procedure and multidisciplinary treatments are needed. Since the 1980s, laser treatment has become one of the effective treatment options. Recently various laser equipments are available for different types of scars and keloids.
With regard to laser-tissue interactions, there are two types of laser treatments, one is High-reactive Level Laser Treatment (HLLT), and the other is Low-reactive Laser Therapy (LLLT). We can use both photobiological reactions to obtain various clinical effects.
For the treatment of scars and keloids, we should make collected diagnoses based on the characteristics of colors and configurations. According to the type of scars, we must select the appropriate laser devices, and determine the parameters of irradiation depending on the expected photoreactions, HLLT and LLLT.
It is important to understand laser-tissue interactions and make appropriate irradiation plans, which is the key to achieving good treatment results.
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