Papers of The 4th Japan Scar Workshop

1. Scar treatment using hyaluronic acid

Ritsu Aoki1,2 , Satoshi Akaishi2, Rei Ogawa2, Hiko Hyakusoku2
1:Greenwood Skin Clinic Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan
2:Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Nippon Medical School, Tokyo, Japan

Hyaluronic acid is being used for the treatment of wrinkles or folds in the aesthetic field. This product is also used for depressive scars. As the underlying subcutaneous scar causes the epidermis to contract, prior to treatment, the contracture needs to be released with a needle that is then used for injection. However, depressive scar is not a common condition in scar treatment. Therefore, the opportunity to treat them is few. In this article, the author proposed the application of hyaluronic acid for the treatment of post-operative scar or deformity of cleft lip patients. As the hyaluronic acid injection requires that the patient has no down-time, it is suitable to treat the adult patients so that they do not leave the hospital. Hyaluronic acid injection can reconstruct the philtrum ridge, and even labial tubercle. In this article, two cases are presented to examine the efficacy of hyaluronic acid for the treatment of scars.
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