Papers of The 11th Japan Scar Workshop

7. Role of rehabilitation makeup in scar treatment

Reiko Kazuki
Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Nippon Medical School, Tokyo, Japan

Rehabilitation makeup was first proposed in 1995 and refers to the use of cosmetics to hide appearance-related problems that are caused by scarring and skin conditions. When rehabilitation makeup was first introduced in the field of plastic surgery, many patients expressed their desire to use it. We assessed the satisfaction of all consecutive patients who started using rehabilitation makeup in January 2012 - June 2016 to cover their scars, keloids, and burn scars. The satisfaction of 183 patients with their appearance before and immediately after applying the makeup was rated by using a visual analogue scale (VAS), where 0 mm indicated very dissatisfied and 100 mm indicated very satisfied. Moreover, 79 patients also reported their level of satisfaction 3 weeks after starting to use the makeup. The average VAS score before using the makeup was 17.2 mm, and this improved significantly immediately after applying the makeup (80.1 mm). The satisfaction 3 weeks after using the makeup was also high (53.7 mm). Thus, satisfaction with the makeup was largely sustained 3 weeks after starting to use the makeup. Thus, patients who harbor fears about their appearance before, during, and after scar treatment can be offered rehabilitation makeup because it is likely to increase their satisfaction in their appearance. We intend to continue our cosmetic research in an effort to improve the quality of life of patients.
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