Papers of The 11th Japan Scar Workshop

6. Laser treatment of scars

Taro Kono, Kotaro Imagawa, Serina Nakajima, Chieko Komaba, Tadashi Akamatsu
Department of Plastic Surgery, Tokai University, Kanagawa, Japan

Continuous wave laser treatment of unappealing scars associates with a high risk of recurrence. By contrast, conventional short-pulsed dye laser (585 nm PDL) was shown to effectively treat various traumatic and surgical scars, and associates with low recurrence rates and improves scar texture, color, and pliability. It also has minimal side effects. The new 595 nm long-pulsed PDL with a cryogen-spray cooling device was developed recently and appears to be a good alternative to the conventional short-pulsed 585 PDL. In the last decade, fractional non-ablative and ablative lasers have also been used to treat traumatic and acne scars. Treatment efficacy may be enhanced by combining laser devices and/or drugs.
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