Papers of The 11th Japan Scar Workshop

5. Histopathological diagnosis of scar and related lesions

Shin-ichi Ansai
Division of Dermatology and Dermatopathology, Nippon Medical School Musashi Kosugi-Hospital, Kawasaki, Japan

The histopathological characteristics of scar, granulation tissue, and fibrosing granulation tissue in the skin and how these tissues relate to each other will be presented. Granulation tissue forms after damage to the tissue: it contains many blood vessels and exhibits mixed cell infiltration in the myxoid stroma. Granulation tissue formation is followed by the proliferation of collagen fibers (fibrosis) and scar formation. This part of the presentation will be followed by a description of the key characteristics of hypertrophic scar, keloid, dermatofibroma, sclerotic fibroma, nodular fasciitis, giant cell tumor of tendon sheath, fibroma of tendon sheath, puogenic granuloma (granuloma telangiectaticum), and mucous cyst of the digit and ganglion. The differential diagnosis of these conditions by histopathology will be detailed.
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